Intermediate Series

Nov/Dec Progressive Series: Jick and Jall
Nov 23 and Dec 4, 11
Taught by Irena and Kemper
One of the most fantastic ways to really think about and practice your connection and your understanding of the dance is by trying on the other role and being able to know how they feel while they’re leading or following move after move. In this three week series, we will challenge you to dance the role you normally wouldn’t, and you will come out more appreciative of your dance partners and with a deeper fundamental understanding of the dance itself. Dancers are also welcome to take the class as their normal role.

January Progressive: Charleston 
Taught by Geoffrey
This month the KSDA will be offering progressive Charleston lessons!  This series will be great if you’ve taken a couple beginner Charleston classes and want to learn some more moves/variations, or if you’ve been dancing Charleston for awhile and want to improve you’re dancing.  There will not be a class on New Year’s Day.

February Progressive: Moving Like You Mean It
Taught by Irena and Kemper
This progressive series will be focused on getting you to move on the dance floor like you mean it, which is a more modest way of saying moving awesomely.  We will go over a lot of valuable material that will make you more aware of your body, how it looks, and new ways to make it look even more awesome while dancing.  We will give you exercises that you can do on your own time, both solo and partnered; we will demonstrate some new and easy concepts that will instantly start raising your awesome aesthetic; we will go over solo movements; and we will definitely go over partnered movements, rocking your variations, and all those things in between that we love about swing dancing.
Prerequisites: At least 2 weeks of any beginner lessons and the ability to swing out comfortably.

March Progressive:  Intro to Blues Dancing
Taught by Kemper and Aliceann
These lessons will cover the basics of ballroom, fast and slow drag blues.  We’ll introduce you to the blues aesthetic, talk about what makes blues different from swing, and teach you some awesome moves that will get you moving on the dance floor.  This class will be beginner friendly so don’t worry if you’ve never done any Blues before.  And if the idea of dancing close scares you, don’t worry; We won’t be doing any close embrace until the 4th week.

April Progressive:  Knoxvillians vs Pirate Swing
Taught by Kemper, Irena & Kamaryn
Some of our local instructors went up North to Pirate Swing to learn from some of the best in the world! This month we will be taking a few concepts and fancy moves that we got out of the weekend and sharing them with you so that you too can have a taste of Pirate Swing!
Prerequisites: basic patterns, the ability to swing out