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Nashville Dance Congress
May 4-7
Nashville, TN
Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, and West Coast Swing at Nashville Dance Congress!  Live music from the Mint Julep Jazz Band and DJs Corey Manke and Mike Shaw.  All classes are FREE to anyone, as long as space permits. All dances are FREE to REGISTERED hotel guests. Register early to secure your spot!
Instructors:  Sylvia Sykes (Santa Barbara) & Ramiro Gonzales (Dallas), Nick Williams & Nikki Marvin (LA), Corey & Susan Manke (Nashville)

Midwest Lindy Fest
May 5 – 8
Minneapolis, MN
Instructors:  Nina Gilkenson (Baltimore) & Andy Reid (NOLA), Ann Mony & Ryan Calloway (San Francisco), Delilah Williams & Kenny Nelson (Denver), Jenny Shirar & Christian Frommelt (St. Louis)

Columbus Lindy Exchange (CBUS)
May 19 – 21
Columbus, OH
The Columbus Lindy & Blues Exchange highlights the varied neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio. We are known bringing in amazing live music from around the country to the heart of the Midwest, and fantastic regional swing jazz DJs to keep you on the dance floor the entire weekend.  This year the main evening band will feature music from Chick Webb and Count Basie.

Charleston Lindy Exchange (CHEX)
May 19 – 21
Charleston, SC
Join us for another weekend of great music, dancing, beach days, dear friends, and a pocket full of memories. Join us in lovely Charleston, SC for our TENTH lindy exchange! We’ll have awesome music, friendly dancers, and delicious food – all on the BEACH. We’ll see you here in May!

May  19 – 21
Huntsville, AL
BORN FROM OUR LOVE OF SLOW JAZZ, BALBOA, BLUES & HUGS…  Snugglebug Weekend is an intermediate/advanced weekend workshop all about discovering the beauty of close embrace dancing to slow jazz, with dedicated Balboa and Blues tracks.
Instructors:  Kadie & Joe Pangburn, Kristin & Adam Wilkerson

Richmond Lindy Exchange (RLX)
May 26 – 29
Richmond, VA
In addition to hosting dances with fantastic live and DJ’ed music, RLX is known for our brewery dance on Saturday afternoon, and our Sunday Funday with games, popsicles, and a moonbounce. Really.  Make sure you stick around for Memorial Day, when we’ll relax by the James River and go swimming!

Seaside Stomp
May 26 – 29
Pensacola, FL
Come join us for a fantastic weekend of lessons, dancing, and the beach in the beautiful Pensacola, Florida.
Instructor:  Lainey Silver

Red Hot Blues & BBQ (Blues)
June 2 – 4
Washington, DC
BBQ. Blues dancing. Sunshine. Laying in the grass. Chocolate mousse. More blues dancing. More food. More friends and fun community time.

The Atlanta Lindy Exchange
June 2-4
Atlanta, GA

Live Love Lindy
June 3 – 5, 2016
Winstem-Salem, NC
We are going to celebrate life through loving Lindy Hop!

Chicago Underground Blues Exchange
June 10 – 12, 2016
Chicago, IL
All the blues music!

All Balboa Weekend (Balboa)
June 8 – 11
Cleveland, OH
A huge event focusing solely on Balboa for a weekend of classes with international instructors, dances to live

Southern Swing Challenge
June 16 – 18
Nashville, TN
Once again you can expect a phenomenal lineup of judges, musicians, djs and staff, plus great venues, food, friends, honky tonks and more!  Daytime social dancing will still continue to be FREE so invite your loved ones or enemies to come watch you bust a groove or show off your mad skills in the comps!

Blue Ridge Bal (Balboa)
July 1 – 3, 2016
Asheville, NC
Join us in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains for Blue Ridge Bal, Asheville’s premiere Balboa event! Between the thriving downtown, the incredible food scene, and live music provided by Michael Gamble and his Rhythm Serenaders, this event will keep you shuffling all night long.

Greenville Lindy Exchange (GVLX)
July 21 – 23
Greenville, SC
Exchange with live music and fun picnic games.

Bal-Ast Off (Balboa)
Aug 5 – 7, 2016
Huntsville, AL
LET THE COUNTDOWN SEQUENCE COMMENCE…..  Bal-ast Off! is back for year 3 August 5th-7th 2016 in Huntsville Alabama!  This year we have FOUR full tracks of Balboa classes planned for you, taught by some of the best instructors in the world! In addition we also have a beginner friendly balboa flight school!
Instructors:   Nick Williams & Laura Keat (LA), David Rehm & Kate Hedin (Boston), Bobby White (NY), Shani Brown (LA), Corey & Susan Manke (Nashville)

Cincy Hop
Aug 12 – 14, 2016
Cincinatti, OH
Following the official conclusion of the Cincinnati Lindy Exchange in 2015, CincyHop continues Cincinnati’s lindy tradition with new energy. You can expect hours of dancing, great bands, historic venues, and a weekend of fun in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Saturday afternoon’s dance will be held in conjunction with 1940s Day at Lunken Airport hosted by the Cincinnati Museum Center.  FEATURING The Boilermaker Jazz Band, Blue Sky 5, Jump ‘n’ Jive Big Band, and more live music announcements to come!

Great Lakes Balboa Escape
Aug 18 – 20
Chicago, IL
The weekend will include unique balboa class tracks with lots of personal attention including Solid Fundamentals, The Social Dancer, The Competitor, and Balboa Teacher Training. Plus, everyone will have a chance to participate I’m some fun electives. Live music will be provided by Jake Sanders and the other fantastic musicians of Chicago.
Instructors:  Adam Speen, Nelle Cherry, Bobby White, Jennifer Barnett, Mickey Fortanasce, Kelly Arsenault, Matt Mitchell,Desiree Roffers.

Southbound Blues Exchange
Aug 25 – 27
Nashville, TN
Come check out the biggest blues party in the south

International Lindy Hop Championships (workshops, competitions)
Aug 25 – 28, 2016, 2016
Washington, DC
9th year of world class workshops, bands, and of course- dance contests. The International Lindy Hop Championships are a showcase and celebration of lindy hop from around the world. Boilermaker Jazz Band, Jonathan Stout’s Orchestra, Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five, ILHC All-Star Band
Instructors:  Ramona (Australia), Remy (France), Skye (NC), Nick (OC), Alice (France), Todd (New Orleans), Vince, Moe, Nico, Mikaela, Kevin & Jo (San Fran), Naomi (Minneapolis)

I Heart Balboa
Sept 2 – 4, 2016
Richmond, VA
Join us in lovely Richmond, Virginia over Labor Day weekend for our 2nd Annual I *Heart* Balboa dance weekend!  with live music by the Mint Julep Jazz Band
Instructors:  Kate Hedin & David Rehm (Boston), Heather Ballew (Denver) & Javier Johnson (FL), Chelsea Lee & David Lee (DC), Jen Barnett

Knoxville Lindy Exchange (KLX)
Knoxville, TN
Dance weekend here in your home city with multiple dances a day over the weekend to live bands with visitors from all over the southeast and midwest coming to dance with us!  A special big band is being formed solely for our event.

Swing In
Sept 22
Indianapolis, INSwingIN’s TENTH Year as one of the largest dance events in the Mid-West.  We’ll be pulling all the stops to make our “Big 10” the largest year ever.

Classic City Swing
Sept 29 – Oct 1
Athens, GA
Classic City Swing will be back this fall, bigger and better than ever. 8 hours of classes, 5 dances, and incredible music – you want to be in Athens this September!  Music with Mint Julep Jazz Band.  Instructors:  Falty & Nina (Baltimore), Shauna Marble & Kyle James Hankins (CO), Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth (TN)

Dance St Lou Blue
Sept 23 – 25, 2016
National Blues Museum visit discounts, live music, 3 tracks (with incredible instructors that you won’t want to miss), and countless hours of social dancing. Experience St. Louis charm as we Dance St. Lou Blue. Music with Sweetie & The Toothaches, Loot Rock Gang
Instructors:  Joe Demers (Denver) & Mike Legenthal (Boston), Dan Repsch (Montreal) & Jenny Sowden (NY), Jeff Meyer and Sara Lapan (NY)

New Orleans Swing Dance Festival
Sept 29 – Oct 1
New Orleans, LA
Live jazz and blues all day and night, multiple dance rooms, dance workshops with live music, open jam sessions for musicians and vocalists, 2nd line parade, and more to be announced after the new year.

Backwater Blues
Oct 6 – 8
Huntsville, AL

Oct 7 – 9, 2016
Columbus, OH
The original North American intensive lindy hop workshop weekend giving you dedicated class time to get inside the minds of the rockstars of lindy hop. You and your classmates will spend two days working with champion lindy hoppers to learn the skills and techniques that can take your dancing to the next level.  Rocktober 2016 features four lindy hop rockstars never-before-seen at Rocktober!
Instructors:  Michael Jagger & Evita Arce (NY), Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth (TN), Chistain Frommelt & Jenny Shirar (St Louis)

Jammin’ On The James
Oct  20 – 22
Richmond, VA
As sure as the third weekend in October rolls around each year, Jammin’ on the James will be back once again for a glorious 14th edition!  Music with The Boilermaker Jazz Band, Blue Crescent Syncopators, Gypsy Roots.
Instructors:  Skye Humphries (NY), Peter Strom & Naomi Uyama (MN), Sylvia Sykes

Atlanta Varsity Showdown (AVS)
Oct 28 – 30, 2016
Atlanta, GA
This workshop weekend features classes, comps, and social dances in lindy hop, balboa, charleston and other vernacular jazz styles.
Instructors:  Ryan Calloway, Dee Daniels, Dan Repsch, Jenny Snowden

Nevermore Jazz Ball
Nov 4 – 6, 2016
St Louis, MO
A one-of-a-kind celebration of jazz music and dancing in the beautiful, historic river city of St. Louis, MO. A world-class festival with a truly local focus and commitment to community, it’s the kind of party that can only happen in St. Louis. Music with The Rhythm Serenaders and Miss Jubilee, plus The 5th Annual CHEROKEE STREET JAZZ CRAWL, a street festival in one of STL’s most vibrants arts districts featuring ~10 live, local jazz bands for your listening and dancing pleasure on Saturday afternoon and evening.
Instructors:  Ramona Staffeld (Australia), Mia Halloran, Todd Yannacone, Andy Reid (New Orleans)

Holy City Blues Exchange (Blues)
Nov 11 – 13, 2016
Charleston, SC
Blues exchange in Charleston with Meschaiya and the Little Big Horns.  Our jam-packed schedule will have you dancing all afternoon, into the evening and long after the last night clubs shut down in the early hours of the morning.

Whistle Stop
Nov 11 – 13, 2016
Affordable laid-back workshop weekend at Purdue University with the Rhythm Serenaders.
Instructors:  Evita Arce & Michael Jagger, Peter Strom, Bobby White & Kate Hedin, Jenny Sowden & Dan Repsch, Dave Deenik & Kerry Kapaku

Lindy Hop on the Plains
Nov 11 – 13, 2016
Auburn, AL
Beginner/intermediate Lindy Hop workshop, unbelievable amount of fun in “The Loveliest Village on the Plains.”  Music by Harlequin Jazz Band and Taryn Newborne & The Real Deal.
Instructors:  Robert Barbier (Atlanta), Diana Smith (Greensboro), Joe & Kadie Pangburn (Huntsville), Huy & Whitney Huynh (Huntsville)

Pittstop Lindy Hop (exchange)
Nov 18 – 20, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
PittStop welcomes dancers of all ages and experience to a high-energy weekend of swing dancing with 30 hours of music and dancing fun!

Tobacco Road Blues Exchange
Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2018
Raleigh/Durham, NC
We’re gearing up for round 4! Great venues! Two amazing live bands — The Downtown Shimmy and Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five — and lots of fantastic DJs! Dance performances! Beach and BBQ! We’ll have it all!

Regional Meetup & Swing Triathlon
Dec 12, 2015
Huntsville, AL
It’s that time of year again when The Huntsville Swing Dance Society opens up it’s doors and invites all of the southeast to descend upon it for one glorious annual meet up and one day workshop!!!!  In the spirit of mixing together we are doing away with “scene teams” and as an alternative, you will be placed on one of four swing community teams.  The triathlon includes a routine (1 hour provided to plan), DJ battle, and Hellzapoppin Bingo.

Lindy Focus (Lindy, Blues, Bal, Music)
Dec 26 – Jan 1
Ashevile, NC
One of the biggest swing dance parties in the world, right here in the Southeast.   5 days of workshops/add ons, 5 nights of live big band music followed by live music late nights, dancing until 10 am, New Years Day karaoke, and over a thousand dancers from all over the world.

My Lindy Kraze
Jan 13 – 15
Huntsville, AL
We are back for out 6th year of FUN, SHENANIGANS, CLASSES, MUSIC, AND COMPETITIONS! This year we are focusing on what makes you, YOU, as a dancer. How do you take everything you learn and turn it into your own style? This is the journey to the center of your dance and we are here to guide you on your way! We are also intending on expanding our music track as well! Musicians prepare yourselves for loads of info and new challenges this year!
Instructors:  Dan Repsch (Montreal) & Julie Brown (Boston), David & Chelsea Lee (DC), Mike the Girl & Dan Legenthal (Boston)

Lollies & Lemonade
Jan 27 – 29
Auburn, AL
AUSDA is proud to announce its first balboa workshop!  Come join us January 27-29 in Auburn, AL for an exciting lineup of regional instructors and live music. Lollies and Lemonade will be oriented towards beginner and intermediate balboa dancers. Squeeze into your cars and head to Auburn for a refreshingly good time.
Instructors:  Susan and Corey Manke (Nashville), Anna (Bryant) Wray and Robert David Jemian (AL), Kadie and Joe Pangburn (Huntsville)

Mo Better Blues
Feb 17 – 19
Nashville, TN
Welcome back to the Music City!! This President’s Day Weekend, join us for the third year of Mo’ Better Blues.  10 incredible instructors from around the nation and world. 4 Tracks: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (Auditions), and the launch of BluesGeek, our new community driven initiative.  Some of the best musicians and DJs from the nation and the Southeast under one roof for your dancing pleasure. Brother Yusef with more
Instructors:  Mike & Dan Legenthal (Boston), Krystal & Adam Wilkerson (Huntsville), Julie Brown (Boston) & Tim O’Neill(CA), Ross Blythe & Sarah Lokay (Chicago), Shawn Hershey & Laura Chieko (NY)

Swing Into Spring
Feb – coming back in 2018
Columbia, SC

Dayton Swing Smackdown
Feb 24 – 26
Dayton, OH
Dayton Swing Smackdown is the the biggest and baddest dance weekend in Dayton, Ohio. Be there as teams from the Midwest converge to battle it out for the 2017 BATTLE OF THE SWING CITIES. Participate featuring over 15 hours of dancing, 13 hours of instruction, and the Solo Jazz and Jack N Jill Competitions.
Instructors:  Bobby White & Gaby Cook (NY), Michael Brafford & Dee Daniels Locke (Minneapolis), etc

Orlando Lindy Exchange (ORLX)
Mar 3 – 5
Orlando, FL
Join us in the sunny state of Florida for the 10th annual Orlando Lindy Exchange.  This year’s theme is “Achievement Unlocked” and the event will feature a series of small games and achievements for dancers to “unlock” throughout the weekend.  Music with Chelsea Reed.

Pirate Swing
Mar 11 – 13, 2016
Ann Arbor, MI
Pirate Swing is a lindy hop, blues, and solo jazz workshop featuring your favorite teachers, musicians, and pirates.  Each year we hunt down friendly and approachable instructors, and we provide as many opportunities as we can for you to interact with them.  Join us for an amazing weekend with dancers from around the country. See old friends, make new ones, and dance with everyone!  Tracks for – Standard lindy hop/blues (x2), Ambidancetrous, Solo jazz, beginner
Instructors:  Evita Arce & Michael Jagger (NY), Laura Glaess (Austin), Ann Mony (San Francisco), Jenny Sowden (NY) & Dan Repsch (Montreal), Mike Faltesek (Baltimore), Joe DeMers (Denver) and Mike (the Girl) Legenthal (Boston)

Music City Exchange
Mar 17 – 19
Nashville, TN
Music City Exchange 2017 is going to be packed with amazing Jazz tunes from THE RUSS WILSON SWINGETTE and MEGAN AND HER GOODY GOODIES, Late night food, amazing dance floor with a view of downtown Nashville, and so much more!

Lindy Fest & Lone Star
Mar 16 – 19
Houston, TX
Lone Star Championships at Lindyfest is the largest and most dynamic Lindy event of its kind. “Where Epic Party Meets World Class Instruction.” 2017 is the 21st annual Lindyfest – and the 10th anniversary of the Lone Star Championships! We have some exciting changes planned for the Championships this year – and as always the event is jam-packed with workshops and competitions for all dance levels, superb performances, and tons of social dancing. We are really excited for this year!

School of Hard Knox
Marc 31 – April 2
Knoxville, TN
A weekend of classes and dances right here in Knoxville!  Learn from some of the best dancers in the world to build confidence in your dance ability, fine tune your technique and learn some super awesome new moves!
Instructors:  Kelly Arsenault (Knoxville) & Mickey Fortanasce (NY), Jenny Shirar & Christian Frommelt (St Louis), Mike Faltesek (Baltimore)

Burg Is the Word
Mar 31 – Apr 2
Blacksburg, VA

Blues Shout (Blues)
Apr 7 – 9
Chicago, IL
bluesSHOUT! is an annual celebration of Blues Dance, striving to bring you the best of the blues dance world every year through classes, competitions, and dances. bluesSHOUT! instructors are the very top of the industry and are in demand nationally and globally. Competitions cater to the diverse palates of amateurs and professionals alike, and aim to inspire both the competitors and spectators to achieve their most creative, authentic, and expressive dancing. You can expect the very best bands and musicians from Chicago and beyond, providing three nights of live blues music, and keeping the floor packed all night long.
Instructors:  Damon Stone (Minneapolis), Dan Legenthal (Boston), Daniel Repsch (Montreal), Heidi Fite (San Francisco), Jennifer Sowden (NY), Julie Brown (Boston), Mike Grosser (Boston), Mike Legenthal (Boston), Ruth Evelyn (Boston), Timothy O’Neill (LA)

DC Lindy Exchange (DCLX)
Apr 7 – 9
Washington, DC
This year we’re celebrating with cherry blossoms, a carousel, and (obviously) a lot of bands. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeve, so keep a look out for more announcements as the event gets closer!

Down South Camp Meeting
Apr 14 – 16
Atlanta, GA
Good, down-home Lindy Hop, made to order!  Down South Camp Meeting combines red hot lindy hop and old-fashioned Southern Hospitality to bring you a great dance weekend! Register a la carte, or get a discount with a full-weekend registration, you’re sure to have a great time at DSCM.
Instructors:  Nina Gilkenson (Baltimore), Andy Reid (NOLA), Heather Ballew (Denver)

Soda City Lindy Exchange
Apr 21 – 23
Columbia, SC
Welcome to historic Colatown for the inaugural Soda City Lindy Exchange! We pride ourselves in being “All South Carolina All the Time”.